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Wisdom has built her house; she has set up its seven pillars.

Proverbs 9:1

Every house of God has its mission. River City's mission is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and cooperate with him to advance his kingdom throughout the earth. Our desire is to abide with Christ and at his direction, preach good news of his kingdom, help as he sets captives free, and teach those he calls as disciples.


The way that mission is pursued and accomplished at River City is by building with Jesus as foundation, cornerstone, and capstone. He is a builder and his directive for the building of this house of God involves seven pillars. 


PRAISEWORSHIPPRAYER, and WORD are the first four pillars. When we meet together on Sunday mornings, we attempt to give him sovereignty individually and corporately, through our devotion in praise and worship, as well as through our communication in prayer and God's Word.


As we erect the first four pillars, we expect Jesus to erect two pillars. When Jesus is enthroned, individually and corporately, he manifests HIS PRESENCE, and brings HIS POWER to bear in our circumstances. There is a revelation and illumination of his purposes and plans for us individually and corporately.


The final pillar is erected as we go out as  HIS WITNESSES, to testify concerning his redemptive work in our lives. As we are faithful in bearing witness with the good news of Jesus Christ, he uses it to encourage others and call others as disciples.


Hence the seven pillars used to build the house of God called River City Christian Center are Praise, Worship, Prayer, Word, Presence, Power, and Witness. Jesus is a builder and he is building his family name in our midst!




Danny Robertson
Angie Robertson

Danny grew up in eastern North Carolina.  He holds a degree in psychology from Carolina, a masters from East Carolina, and a PhD from Tennessee. Danny has worked as a guidance counselor, youth minister, coach, college professor, campus minister, and psychologist. He loves to spend time studying the Word so consequently he also loves Blue Letter Bible. (Although Angie talked until she was blue in the face about how much easier it would be to use it instead of hauling around the Strong’s Concordance before he would try it.) 

Angie is also from Down East. She earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Tennessee. Angie has worked as a school psychologist, a mental health consultant with Head Start, and as a college professor. One of her most favorite jobs was homeschooling her children.  She loves to see people get a revelation of how much Jesus loves them.  She is quite fond of a good cup of coffee... and Blue Letter Bible.

Angie and Danny first met at a Christian camp less than a mile from where they now minister at RC3.  They have three grown, exceptionally wonderful children with pretty fantabulous spouses and four precious grandbabies.

The Robertsons love to see God's love become real to people. They are overwhelmed by the power of Jesus' finished work of grace to really work in the here and now.



Kevin Oliver



Faith Booker





Roger & Sheryl Harrell


Bonnie & Barry Sadler


Grace & Bobby Whitley


River City was born in 2002. The first few years the church met in a childcare center, a gymnasium, and even a social club, earning the mostly affectionate nickname, "The Church in the Bar"!


Two amazing corporate prayer seasons involved seeking the Lord concerning the name of the church, and then two years later seeking him about the present location of the church. When the church began praying about the name and listening for his response, it was clear he had chosen River City Christian Center. After another amazing prayer adventure, it should have come as no surprise that he put River City on River Road.


The Lord commissioned us to build a church in Washington. Jesus continues to save, heal, bless, and prosper. 

Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. (Luke 1:1 & 2)

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